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   It's amazing how some one random person can come and take away anything and everything of value. You could have anything and they could take it away, make you forget it ever existed. However, this story is not about that, this story is about having nothing and gaining everything!


   Chapter One

   The Assassins Care


   A female that stood at around five feet and four inches was standing in front of a museum. She brushed her blood red hair into a ponytail casually, its loose curls not providing much difficulty to herself before she slipped on her gloves and took out her pocketknives. She opened them and looked at the blades which were black as death, yet a small golden design of a delicate rose was painted onto it. Below the roses were the words written 'Tu Amo' in fancy print. A mocking smile played on her dark red lips, showing her perfect white teeth. For a female who had no money she had begun to learn how to flaunt her body, not too much, but just enough to get herself taken care of. Yet simple happy pleasures meant nothing to her. After all, what would an assassin really need other than money? She took in a deep breath before she bent down and kicked off the ground and to the top frame of the small building, almost as if in slow motion her body twisted and caused herself to go a bit higher landing smoothly on the roof. She walked over to the door and kicked it open walking down the stairs casually as if she were simply walking around to look at things. She turned into the first door that she saw and walked inside closing the door without a sound, her boots seemed to help her stealth though they really didn't they just completed her outfit. A red sweater under a black corset and black caprices under a red skirt with black skulls and crossbones on it.

   Her pale complexion seemed to die out as her hunter instinct took over all her senses making them more keen to everything, the sounds around her grew and the smells intensed before her eyes saw the male that she was supposed to kill. She walked over to him only to see some other movement out of the corner of her eye, but as soon as it was there it was gone. She blinked but shrugged it off turning back to her victim and blinked as she found him dead on the floor blood spilling now, she walked over to the corpse and touched the blood. It was warm meaning that the man had just died, but who had killed him? That was what puzzled her. Every fiber of her being told her to run, yet through her mind ran the order to stay and find out what had happened. She sighed and looked at the man, this was not the sign of any killer she knew. She shook her head sending her red hair over her shoulder and she reached into the pocket of her caprices and pulled out tweasers and pulled a small fiber from the blood before she gently placed it in her compact stood seeing the moving shadow again. Her aqua eyes drifted slowly following it, but yet again it was gone. She sighed softly before she shook her head again before she cracked her knuckles lightly and then walked out of the room knowing she wouldn't need to bother to hide the body for any hints she may have left on the body, considering she hadn't killed him. She looked at the door knob to the door at the roof looking at the bloodstained handprint. She carefully bent down and took out her pocketknife and touched one fingerprint with it and watched as the blood easily stuck to the knife and she closed it before she touched the silver handle and pressed down carefully not minding the blood. She smiled, with the hints the killer had left behind they would probably catch him or her, whichever gender it was, though she personally assumed it was a male by the mutilated body. She closed the door before she walked to the edge of the roof and stood on it before jumping down smiling at the cool fall breeze that hit her skin as she did so.


   Much like a cat she landed on her feet gracefully and without a sound. She remained crouched low to the ground for a while before she stood slowly and dusted off her sweater. Her aqua eyes moved slowly towards the street, she turned and started walking towards it but stopped when she saw a shadow standing in front of her. She moved her hand so fast to grab the pocketknife it looked as if she had never moved. She took a step towards the shadow thanking her boots for being able to grip the moist cement under them for if they couldn't she would have fallen by now. Rain was in the air and she knew it, not only because of the pale drops, but also because how the shadow seemed to move slower. She smiled, but only for a split second, and that was all it took, the shadow was gone. She blinked as she felt a sharp pain in her stomach and doubled over slightly though she regained her composure quickly and saw the shade against the wall, quickly she turned lifting her leg to do an uppercut kick and yet she missed and lost her own footing and had to catch herself by grabbing onto the grime filled walls. She cringed at the touch of the slime that ran down her arm and quickly shook it off. She pushed herself onto balance again and looked around, the shade was gone. She turned to keep walking and as if called upon scars and gashes opened spilling blood out of her body, she closed her eyes tightly wrapping her arms around herself as if trying to stop the bleeding. How could she stop something like this? Something she couldn't see, it didn't seem possible. She took another step and more wounds opened and she let out a small cry of pain before she watched her vision become tunnel like and then fade to black her body falling limply onto the cold cement that had been under her feet not even two seconds before.

   She gave recognition to the coldness of it by letting herself sink to the ground and remaining motionless as the cold ground beneath her seemed to grow warmer with her blood that seemed to flood out inch by inch. She felt a cold mist of rain dripping onto her already cold skin only making it colder and her face paler than it averagely looked. She just remained still enjoying the sensation of the cold as it washed away all the warmth in her body till she felt numb of everything. It must have been hours that she had laid there before she felt something warm lift her up much against her involuntary cries of pain from the movement. There was a silent shhh at her ear and she felt the warm breath but only faintly. She curled into the warm figure that was carrying her, shielding her from the rain.

   "You'll be fine, it's going to be fine, I'm not going to hurt you" a male voice whispered softly in her ear. Had she been making noises of pain when she moved? Possibly. She tried to nod her head but found it impossible and just remained still as if waiting for death to take her yet again. Her head became hazy as she felt no more rain and instead a heat as if she were burning and she quickly began to scream out yet hands pinned her down so she couldn't move. Whoever had helped her she thanked, but with much hatred in her heart, she had wanted to die right there where she had been laying in the ally. Yet someone had moved her and brought her somewhere, her only hope was that it wasn't a type of torture chamber. She felt every stab of pain that shot through her body, every small fragment of torture that even she could not imagine. Her scars were burning from the heat and every movement only urged the fire on more and more. Yet she slowly let herself drift into sleep without a struggle hoping that the pain would vanish if she did so.



   A small framed figure danced among the light of the moon while the flames danced behind her. Well maybe not dancing but running instead, a small package held in her arms. There was screaming coming from the flames and shadows danced from the light of the burning figure. How the small house had caught flame seemed unknown. The high pitch breaking sound screamed out into the blanket of night. The female figure crumpled to the ground as if to protect the small package she was holding. The glass danced out towards the figure and dropped down like rain before the sparks from the fire stretched out its arms to reach the cool winter air. The figure stood quickly and continued running, almost like it was dancing. Slowly a shade crept up behind the figure and then it was gone without a word and the figure collapsed the small package falling from its now bleeding body. In the bundled package there was a loud screaming to be heard. The shade walked over to it and removed the blankets only to find a small child with bright aqua eyes, he quickly placed a blade at it's neck and the child went still seeming to glare at it sending shivers up its spine. He slowly but surely removed the blade from its neck, he would kill it later when it could defend itself better. He walked towards a small town and to the orphanage placing the child on the makeshift steps and looking up at the bland colors of black and white that were painted along the tall figure of it before he walked away calmly leaving two knives next to the child.



   When she awoke she heard the small sound of rain tapping on the window softly and brought herself to sit up though she was quickly pushed back down by warm hands upon her shoulders. She opened her eyes slowly but kept them mostly closed looking up at a figure with brown hair though she couldn't tell very well due to the face that flames were dancing off his face, it was a he right? She examined the figure closely, well as closely as she could for being held down and just waking up. The face frame was male, or so she assumed. The eyes a chocolate brown the face somewhat tan, though not really. It seemed to be glaring at her from where it was and a scream choked in the pit of her stomach though she swallowed the scream down and moved her arms only to feel the searing pain of her wounds. The figure just tilted its head before releasing its hold on her shoulders as if it hadn't noticed that she was looking up at him for about a minute.

   "Glad to see you awake, but you really should sleep again" it said its voice deep. She smiled definitely male. She slowly sat up,

   "Who are you?" She asked as she looked at the figure more closely, he was wearing all black with a small trench coat that was slightly damp.

   "Me? I'm Cain Walters, and you would be?" He asked and she blinked before she sighed and closed her eyes for a long while letting out a slow steady sigh through her dark lips and then opened her eyes carefully.

   "Amielett" she said and he laughed she blinked once again looking at him confused

   "Sorry, that's not a usual name" he said and she rolled her eyes,

   "you're such a man." She muttered and he looked at her smirking

   "I guess that would explain why I have that thing between my legs" he said and her pale face flushed quickly before she slammed her palm onto her forehead only to regret it seconds later when the pain hit her. She turned her head towards the large fireplace to her right watching as the flames entwined with one another in golden colors. She knew what would come soon, questions, so many that she didn't want to answer. She would have to get out of here and back to her jobs. She reached and found that her clothes had been replaced by a large t shirt and she looked at him before she instinctively moved her hand so fast and made contact with his cheek. There was a loud smacking sound and her eyes narrowed as she glared at him.

   "Where are my clothes?" She asked and Cain seemed to be taken aback by the slap that he just pointed towards a small black shelf that stood itself in the front right corner of the small room.

   She stood quickly and removed the shirt, she really didn't care if he saw her. She had nothing physical to hide, just mentally, she grabbed her t shirt thanking herself that he had left her undergarments on as she put her clothes on and took her pocketknives from the shelf and put them in her caprice pockets not even caring that there were cuts in her clothes. She pulled her bright hair into a ponytail again and then lastly put on her boots before she turned to look at Cain though he was gone. She shrugged that saved her a goodbye story. She walked out of the room calmly and down a long black hallway. And she had thought she was depressed, did this guy not have a hint of any other color? It didn't bother her, but somewhat worried her, the shade hid in darkness. She shook her head the black choker that was on her neck almost cutting her shoulder as she did so. She traced her fingers along the black wall moving it gently so as if not to knock anything over should there be a photo hanging on the wall.

   Just as she thought of this, her hand traced the outline of a photograph carefully her fingertips tracing its edge ever so gently. She then touched the smooth wall again and stopped when she felt an indention in the hallway and she brushed her fingers over it, wood, a door. She moved her hand finding the handle and pushing it down opening the door. A cold rush of wind blew her hair back and sent chills up her spine. She walked outside closing the door behind her with a soft click and pulled her arms to herself calmly rubbing her hands up and down her arms as she took a step looking up only to find the rain to be her closest companion. Did this guy live in the middle of nowhere? She walked along the cement path looking at the small pink hibiscuses that decorated the sides making the fluid green grass behind them seem dull and boring. For some reason the fact that they were pink started her, inside the house everything was black, and then randomly pink, she smiled to herself as she continued walking.

   "He could be half gay" she muttered under her breath before she laughed softly. She shook her head, she wasn't exactly one to make fun of the people that helped her, even though she didn't even know her helper much. She walked up to the rusty brass gate and touched it lightly and pushed it open carefully and cringed at the high pitch scream it made as she did so. She closed it and walked along the grass path that reached her waist in graceful flows, though cold and wet against her skin and clothes. She pushed the grass to the side watching as the grass and plants bowed away from her with the weight of the rain that was falling, if she didn't find a place to stop soon she'd need to at least find a tree to stay under. Her hair was already falling into her face thanks to the dripping rain that didn't seem to plan on stopping anytime soon.

   She stopped when she saw a small weeping willow, not her first choice, she liked oak trees better, but she would take what she got. She walked over to it realizing how her legs already seemed to be frozen and her arms wrapped around herself tightly as she shivered her teeth chattering as a cold breeze blew causing her hair to fly a bit. She bent under the weeping willow and growled under her breath as she got her hairband caught in a branch she reached up to free her hair but gave up when she heard the hairband snap and break. She let out a low shaky sigh before she rubbed her arms thanking the weeping willow for at least providing some protection from the rain that seemed to be coming down stronger. She leaned on its base and glanced from under the leaves at the grass which was now being completely pressed down by the rain. She felt her lips quivering more as her body grew colder and she pulled herself into a smaller ball trying to retain her body heat. It wasn't long before she went to sleep and leaned completely into the curve of the smooth weeping willow tree trunk.



   The walls were painted white with black boarders at the bottom, small lines from crayons and colored pencils lined the walls everywhere. A tall woman laid the small child in the crib where she hoped it would stay peacefully without much of a struggle or scream. She covered the small child up in a warm black blanket and its small hands curled around the soft fabric and held it. The woman smiled before she clicked off the light and left the small children to rest for the night.



   Amie was torn awake from her sleep as she heard a dull growl and turned her head to see a midnight black dog one ear folded over while the other went straight up towards the sly, its blue tongue hanging out of its mouth showing perfectly sharp teeth that she knew could harm her if she startled the creature. She moved slowly and extended her hand while the dog inched closer to her its chocolate eyes seeming to glare as if daring her to try something stupid. She didn't move an inch, instead she let herself remain deathly still as if she were a statue, it didn't take long for the dog to brush the side of its nose to her hand sniffing before it heard a soft call and its head perked up running away while Amie sat bewildered where she had been. After a while she could only hear the faint tip tap of the rain above her and stood again following the path the dog had gone finding it much simpler that it averagely was thanks to the rain pressing down the grass with it's wait she could spot mud spots and broken blades of grass following them until she came upon a large black house, she looked past the gate spotting the pink hibiscuses and she let out a low groan.

   "Great" she muttered before she kicked the gate angrily only to watch as it opened with a scream, she blinked walking inside again after she spotted the dog she looked at the flowers, they had wilted and been broken by something and she froze when she saw the blood spilling out from the door, She started to walk towards it but the dog barked and she turned to it and watched as walked around the house and vanished, as if hypnotized she followed it walking to the side of the house looking at the ground that held bones thrown on top of each other, possibly the dogs. She continued to walk her hand tracing the lining of black painted wood till she reached the back yard where there was a huge pit she walked over to it and looked down, it was about a fifteen foot drop. She focused her gaze on the pit more, there were small objects in it? What were they? She blinked realizing what they were, shards of glass ready to cut anyone who would disturb the pit. She was so focused on the pit she hadn't noticed the shadow behind her and when she started to turn to look she felt herself become weightless as she started to fall, a small scream escaped her lips as she raised her arms to shield her face.
So I am thinking of going back to edit this story. I just need to have time to do so.
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